Deduction for medical expenses


COVID-19 outbreaks are spreading again in China.

The Chinese government has tightened restrictions on the movement of people, but some areas are experiencing protests due to dissatisfaction with the government’s actions against COVID-19.

There is growing concern about the impact on business activities and the increasing scarcity of essential supplies.

While mRNA vaccines are attracting attention, I hope that countries around the world, including China, will jointly develop a special medicine against COVID-19.

Changing the subject, I would like to introduce the tax deduction for medical expenses.

Under Japan’s income tax law, tax refunds for out-of-pocket medical expenses can be obtained by filing an income tax return under certain conditions.

This system is divided into two main categories, and you must choose one of them, but most Japanese people file tax returns under Case 1.

1 Medical expense deduction

2 Medical Expense Deduction under the Self-Medication Tax System

For those who have high out-of-pocket medical expenses (the amount not covered by insurance), it is recommended to consider the possibility of getting a one-time tax refund.

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