Inheritance Laws to Foreigners in Japan


In Japan, there is a term called “Golden Week”.

It sounds strange in English, but in Japan, the period from the end of April to the beginning of May, which is a series of national holidays, is called Golden Week.

I do not know who named it Golden Week, but one theory is that it was started by a Japanese movie executive to promote movies. Foreigners who hear the term for the first time may be confused at first. This is a typical example of how Japanese use foreign words differently from their original meaning.

It is important to understand the laws of the country in which you live because, like language and culture, each country has its own unique set of rules for laws.

For example, even if a common issue such as inheritance occurs anywhere in the world, it is handled differently in each country.

Generally, the law of the nationality of the deceased person applies.

However, depending on where the decedent’s real estate is located and where the decedent’s deposits are located, the rules necessary for inheritance proceedings will differ depending on which country’s laws should apply.

Because things that can be associated with words do not apply directly to other countries, a thorough understanding of the laws that are closely related to your life can help you solve problems in the future.