Tax on the income of an individual as a non-resident


The outlook for the Chinese economy in 2024 is not good. Various economic indicators confirm this.

With the move to exclude China from the global supply chain, will China also begin to improve its relationship with Japan?

Many in Japan, especially in the travel industry, are looking forward to inbound business after Corona. Developments in China, a neighbor with a large population, will have no small impact on the Japanese economy as well as the U.S. economy. It will be necessary to pay close attention to the Chinese economy and the Japanese stock market in the future.

By the way, some non-residents of Japan who invest in Japan from abroad are required to file individual income tax returns in Japan. Those who have made profits by buying and selling real estate, stocks, etc. in Japan need to confirm their tax filing obligations. Please note that if you miss the filing deadline, you will be subject to a hefty fine.

Japan’s National Tax Agency explains non-resident tax obligations to foreigners, so please visit the following website to check your tax filing obligations.

Tax on the income of an individual as a non-resident in Japan for tax purposes